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Welcome to MelissaMiko.com!

The purpose of this website is to facilitate the personal growth of readers through education, motivation, query, and inspiration.

This website is centered on self-improvement in the form of sharing intriguing and enlightening knowledge.

I aim to educate and share knowledge with you on topics that interest me. When something interests me, I get feverishly passionate about learning every detail! I also plan to shed light on topics that I feel don’t get enough press, or are commonly overlooked and misunderstood.

To read articles in chronological order, visit my Blog page.

To browse through a list of articles that may interest you, visit the Archives.

As I write, I hope that my articles hold a conversational feel for you. I write like I speak, so as you notice my informal diction, inclusive of occasional grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, figures of speech, colloquialisms and so on, forgive me. Please realize that my message is just as strong and clear. Most of the time I turn my thoughts directly into words on the page, and subsequently into published material. I don’t do a ton of edits because not only is it time-consuming and I don’t have all the answers, but I want to keep my content raw for you guys so I don’t second guess myself or edit my articles to the point of being frosty or academic.

I am a part-time writer, equestrian coach, accountant, speaker, model, financial consultant, handygirl, educator, agriculturist, IT troubleshooter, and full-time human being. I am available for speaking, writing, coaching, and creative opportunities.

To learn more about me, please read my Biography.

It is important to me to be accessible to you. I will do my very best to return your message if it is friendly, sincere, and solicits a response. I invite you to inquire upon me any topic of your choosing. Maybe I’ll write about it; I love requests. I also love lavish compliments. ; )

To contact me, please email Missy@MelissaMiko.com.

Thank you for being here!


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