My Mom: Cyber Monday

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My mom really blew my mind tonight.

She was jabbering away about her adventures Christmas shopping; I wasn’t really paying attention until out of her lips spilled the words, “Cyber Monday“.

“How the !@#*& (heck) do you know about Cyber Monday?!?!?!” I am  floored.

She gives me her sideways glance, “I haven’t been living under a rock, you know.” Coulda fooled me.

Has my mom really been initiated into the Age of Information? Could the prophecy be true? She did just get an Iphone a few weeks ago…

But no, Cyber Monday was just an outlier. She then proceeded to tell me how she wants a Bose surround sound system…so she can really listen to NPR.

After trying to explain to her that the quality of sound is only going to be as good as the input, I could see the glazed look come over her face. I tried to explain that she would hear the difference if she was listening to an expertly mastered, superior quality audio file, but probably not local radio. Not to mention that she could find a comparable system for a better price (I’m really not a Bose girl).

“But my friend Jeanne has one! And she loves hers.” (Certain Connecticut wives would love two pieces of copper wire scotch-taped to a pie pan covered in a used coffee filter if it cost $1000, made noise, and had the Bose emblem on it. Talk about not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground.)

My hand slaps my forehead. Geez.