Santa Barbara, California Bulletin Boards

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As a follow-up to my last post, Starting a Business on a Small Budget: Business Cards, I thought it might be helpful to list some places I’ve actually posted my own business cards in the past that worked for me.

I lived in Santa Barbara, California for about six years, and was self-employed for two of them. Now, of course I am missing some; I don’t live there anymore so some of these locations may have changed, but this will hopefully give you a place to start.

I wish someone had done this work when I was searching for places to post my cards when I started a business!

It takes a lot of time, gas, and brain-energy to think of where there might be a bulletin board or where you think you heard your neighbor’s daughter’s boss remembering seeing one, and actually remembering your cards, driving there, parking, getting out and posting them, but believe me, it was worth it!

I hope this list can make your experience faster and easier than mine was:

Tri-County Produce on Milpas

Outside of Naan Stop on Embarcadero Del Mar

Island Feed & Seed

La Cumbre Feed



Marina 1
Marina 2
Marina 3
Marina 4

Paul Mitchell School (in the back)

Trader Joes: De La Vina Street and Calle Real, Goleta

Goleta Public Library on Fairview

Goleta Valley Athletic Center

UPS at Five Points Plaza

Jedlicka’s Saddlery: De La Vina Street, Santa Barbara and in Los Olivos

Starbucks at:
1046-A Coast Village
539 State
800 State
1235 State
1990 Cliff Drive
3815 State
3957 State
175 North Fairview
888 Embarcadero Del Norte

Backyard Bowls: Downtown Santa Barbara and Calle Real, Goleta

Pacific Capital Bancorp Cafeteria at 1 South Los Carneros

Paesanos Pizza

Paradise Grill

Rosario Park Neighborhood

West Camino Cielo Neighborhood

Kinevan Neighborhood

Painted Cave Neighborhood

Trout Club Neighborhood

Winchester Gun Club

Remember, make sure to post about four cards at each board, remember to bring tacks, tape, and a staple gun if you have one, and choose a good spot where people will see them and they won’t be covered up or blend in. Consider printing this list and dating where you left cards so you have a record.

For more information, read Starting a Business on a Small Budget: Business Cards.

Good luck!

coast line of santa barbara, California showing the city and ocean from an airplane