The Meaning Behind CryptoKitties Traits

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CryptoKitties is an adorable marriage between genetics and cryptocurrency all made possible their matchmaker, madame blockchain.

As a new user / obsessed virtual-kitty breeder (I’m CatcoCat), I began to unlock some of the trait names. This list is VERY partial, but…going to start somewhere, and always a work in progress.



Mintgreen – minty green

Strawberry – baby pink

Chestnut – light tan

Bubblegum – bright pink

Topaz – blue green

Limegreen –  yellowy spring green

Gold – yellow


Body Colors:

Salmon – pinkish brown

Orangesoda – orange

Shadowgrey – grey / gray

Mauveover – lavender

Cloudwhite – white

Aquarmarine – greyish blue

Greymatter – light grey / gray


Tummy Colors:

Kittencream – cream

Granitegrey –  dark grey / gray

Peach – pink

Emeraldgreen – lime green



Sphinx – smooth, skinny tail

Munchkin – medium fluffy tail

Laperm – very fluffy tail


Whisker Styles:

Dali – moustache

Munchkin – short

Soserious – medium whiskers


Hair Do’s:

Ragamuffin – a little fluff on top

Chartreux – super tall hair


Fur Patterns:

Calicool – tri-color calico spots

Luckystripe – tabby stripes

Jaguar – leopard spots

Tigerpunk – tri-color stripes

Spock – points (like a Siamese)


Fur pattern colors for stripes and spots:

Coffee – dark brown

Chocolate – medium brown

Bloodred – red

Swampgreen – green

Skyblue – light blue

Barkbrown – brown

Royalpurple – purple / violet

Cerulean – gunmetal blue

Scarlet – brick red

Lemonade – yellow


Eye Shapes:

Fabulous – almond-shaped eyes

Simple – normal eyees

Otaku – giant glistening eyes

Crazy – eyes looking in different directions, buggy like a pug


Eyes Colors:

Sizzurp – purple

Limegreen – green





Pouty – small mouth

Tongue – visible tongue with crooked smile

Saycheese – teeth sticking out

regular, medium mouth



Raised Brow – one eyebrow raised, one not

Thicccbrows – sad, thick eyebrows


Cheek fur:

Cymric – one fluff

Himalayan – two fluffs





Duck – duck body

Sailor – sailor outfit, big smile and tattoo


In Progress:

Happygokitty –

Totesbasic –