The Uncopyright or Open Copyright Philosophy

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So much of our mainstream, capitalistic society requires that we pay, in money and time, for everything. We work our lives away and piddle away our hard-earned pennies on things like Starbucks and Post-Its and overdraft fees and light sabers for our Angry Birds.

I believe in living free, don’t you? Free to charge a price if we care to, and also free to not charge.

By claiming a work Uncopyrighted or Open Copyrighted, the creator gives permission to the world to use the work as they see fit. For profit or not for profit. clearly states the philosophy I share:

“Copyright stems from a protective mindset, one that believes the creator owns his or her work, and must protect that ownership in order to profit from said work. The creator will share his or her work with others, but only at a price, and anyone who takes without paying, or uses it as a basis for further creations, is stealing.

That’s the copyright mindset.

The uncopyright mindset is that of someone who gives without any guarantee of profit, who lets go of ownership and believes the world owns his or her creation. He or she hopes to contribute to the world in a small way, and if others benefit from this contribution, that’s a good thing. And if others use his or her contribution to create something new and beautiful, that’s a wonderful thing.

The uncopyright creator lets go of ownership, because to hold on to ownership hurts the world, and to try to protect that ownership leads to unnecessary stress.

The minimalist also eschews ownership, at least to some degree, and believes owning things doesn’t make him or her happy. Doing things makes him or her happy. Helping others makes him  or her happy. Creating makes him or her happy.”

Since this site is geared to being intellectual, motivational, and (hopefully) entertaining, I feel uncopyrighting my site is one way I can be of service to the public and offer the content written directly on this website for free. Sharing and giving to others is just one of the ways I lead a meaningful life.

If you need to use my content on this site for a report, go for it. If you think a lesson or thought I talk about here could benefit your peers, students, or company, then use my materials to train them. If you think its good enough to include on your own site, go for it.

While not necessary, Credit is greatly, greatly appreciated.  The more people who visit this site help shoot it to the top of Google, they help get my name out there for the benefit of my businesses, and most of all they encourage me to keep producing quality content.

If you’d like to share this site, but like my mom, don’t know how, an easy way would be to copy this link:

and paste it where ever it is you want to share: an email, your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you don’t edit the meaning of the content but want to copy it or use it, you are welcome to credit me, Melissa M. Miko as the author, but it is not required.

My hope is to improve your life, give you a helping hand or tidbit of advice if you need it. It would be cool, that if a small percentage of readers like my writing so much that they eventually buy a book, or come to hear me speak, or become one of my clients or even friends someday. Again, not required, but that would be very encouraging and pleasing for me!

Additionally, if you are reading through one of my posts very carefully because you plan on using it and find a mistake: be it factual, grammatical, spelling, formatting or whatnot, please let me know so I can correct it by emailing me at And by all means, please correct or edit it to fit your own usage!

Remember, I am only human and there is only one of me, so it’s not like I have a huge staff of editors and machines and robots and Nazis to make sure every pixel on this site is perfect. But, I aim to be close.

I do have other websites that are copyrighted, since they link to my various for-profit businesses. Also, any products, i.e. e-books, offered on this website that you pay for or download that say Copyright, are. I have to comply with my suppliers regulations so I don’t get in trouble, and hey, I have bills to pay too!

Please enjoy I hope that the liberty I bestow upon you here helps you in some aspect of your life.

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