Dec 172014

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October 2014 marked the launch of yet another social network, called Tsu.
Pronounced “sue”, Tsu at first appears to be a fly-by-night, get-rich-quick at the expense of other scheme, when it is actually the opposite!

Tsu is user-owned, just like a co-op. It works by directed advertising – collectivelly and intelligently mapping what your followers interest are, and returning a percentage – I believe 90 percent – of  advertising back to the original users – you. Sounds a little “big brother”? Guess what: that is already what has been happening, mondo style. Only you have no chance of a piece of the pie. Guess what else? People actually like shopping online! And how nice is it, that we don’t have to see endless ads for Viagra and Ashley Madison but actually get ads regarding stuff we might want?

I believe the undeserved “get rich quick” image will be their greatest barrier to entry, until people figure out the business model, and learn for themselves it’s actually like a hippie dippy co-op, a positive community and chance to be part of something mildly productive, too.

Following, I’ll describe why I decided to join, and how it’s going.

I kept seeing my friend and neighbor posting links to join Tsu, which is invite – only. I thought it sounded intriguing, and as I briefly read more about it, I decided to spend the 2 minutes it took to get the app and sign up. I love their user-friendly interface, which is both straightforward and logical. I easily linked Tsu to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so when I post on Tsu, it automatically posts to those three networks without me having to repost to share with all my friends.

So it’s true: you can make money on Tsu. Once your account reaches $100, you can request a check from the company, or spend your boku bucks with one of their advertising clients on products at a discount. Keep in mind that Tsu is relatively fresh, but has a strong backer and will only get better and more integrative with time. I personally, have made a little money, but it’s been a month for me and I’ve put only about 30 seconds of effort into inviting friends and making my stream marketable, so I haven’t hit $100 yet.

I think the BEST part of Tsu is not the likeable interface, nor the easy ability to actually make a little money, but your RIGHTS. Unlike Facebook, with Tsu, YOU own your material that you post. Totally takes the creep out of it, and my feeling is TSU has that individual, almost myspace-user-y feel to it. Like you don’t need to live in fear that our account will be banned forever because you posted a photo of you breastfeeding your child of a dog’s butt or something loco. Tsu gives you the rights, the freedom, and the ability to sustain! It is the New Hampshire of social media, and I am glad I made the move.

Shameless plug: want to join me? It’s free, and you have nothing to lose:

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